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Care work—cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, etc—should be just as respected, valued, and compensated as other jobs.

Our #NeverOk campaign is still going strong! Join the conversation on Instagram or twitter and let us know what you find is #NeverOK ! Thank you @rebel.grrrl for this gem!

Happy birthday, Jane Addams!

#ThrowbackThursday to Fem’s Fall 2003 issue!


Femininity is not anti-feminist. Whether or not you wear makeup does not make you any more or less of a feminist. Do what makes you comfortable and happy!

I offer this photo from Laci Green in response to the creation of a nail polish that changes colors when in contact with a date rape drug.

Our #WCW is Lucy Lawless (Xena: The Warrior Princess) ☺️

It’s Women’s Equality Day! Write in the comments why you feel #WEmatter is important!

The militarization of police, racism, police brutality, and treating white suspects better than black victims is #NeverOk

Happy #SelfLoveSunday !

Parenting done right 😜

Another shirt we love!


If I had a dollar for every time I had to say this….